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Love Power: A Crescent City New Orleans Mystery

Love Power: A Crescent City New Orleans Mystery

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Publication Date: September 11th, 2020
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2021 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Best Attending Author Award Winner and Best Mystery Finalist
Disgraced ex-police detective Jane Byrne is on the run. After surviving a brutal excessive force civil lawsuit that scarred her with PTSD she blows into New Orleans on her Ducati motorcycle looking for a fresh start, never expecting to uncover a hate crime serial killer targeting NOLA's inclusive LGBTQ community.

Jane's new landlords, Leslie and Ken Pascoe and Leslie's Aunt Babette, a mediumistic voodoo queen offer Jane a haven. Ken is the sole surviving remnant of The WarBirds, an '80's one-hit wonder heavy metal band whose single stadium anthem mega hit "Love Power" was one of the first music videos produced for MTV.

At a surprise party we meet Gigi Pascoe, Ken and Leslie's transgender daughter and Gigi's two BFFs. After one of her friends goes missing, Gigi's concern turns to fear that their LGBTQ world is being targeted for hate crime violence when a second friend vanishes.

Dissatisfied with the NOPD force and local FBI bureau agency responses, Jane and Gigi team up only to discover that their united effort has refocused the serial killer's white supremacist hate-filled intent on them.